An art platform that investigates a cinematic vocabulary of sound and image via short form, experimental films.

Initiated by filmmaker/visual artist Peter Norrman and composer/performer Christina Campanella, PARTS ARE EXTRA draws from ideas about disappearing cities, spaces of transition, uncharted journeys, and the cracked fragility of the natural world. The series of works is arranged into three distinct movements, each manifesting in a different form: single channel film with stereo sound, multi-channel sound and video installation, and live cine-concert performance.






With 9 works created to date and screened in a gallery environment, the artists began exploring the concept of cinematic presence in performance with a live presentation of this material at HERE Arts Center in Culturemart (February 2012). Driven by a live score of deconstructed electronic art songs, the duo created a starkly fantastical universe of dystopian landscapes and eerie, dreamlike worlds.